Custom printed band banners and stage backdrops

Our collection of full colour digitally printed band banners and stage backdrops are a fantastic addition to any venue, event or stage. Entice your audience and add brand identity with colourful, eye-catching graphics whether you are performing in a local pub or a major live event.

We have options of pre-set sizes but we can also custom make to any size required. You can be assured that all our fabrics are B1 fire-rated, making them safe and compliant for any venue, we will also supply an electronic PDF fire certificate.

Take a look at our options here.

Why we recommend XG backdrops...

  • High quality dye-sublimation digital full colour print
  • Fully produced in-house
  • B1 fire-rated
  • Lightweight for hanging, storage and transportation
  • Supplied with an electronic fire certification PDF

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Product Rating

Custom printed backdrops


Size (shown in Feet and MM) Frontlit Blockout
8 x 8ft / 2438 x 2438mm £192 £216
10 x 6.4 ft / 3000 x 2000mm £192 £216
12 x 4ft / 3638 x 1220mm £144 £162
10 x 8ft / 3048 x 2438mm £240 £270
15 x 10ft / 4570 x 3048mm £448 £504
20 x 10ft / 6096 x 3048mm £536 £603
20 x 15ft / 6096 x 4572mm £759 £854
25 x 20ft / 7620 x 6096mm £1265 £1423


Frontlit Fabric

Blockout Fabric


eyelet webbing

Loop finishing close up | XG Group

Pocket stitching


Accessories Price
Ties (Pack of 12) £2.75

Terms & Conditions

Fabric printed backdrops


Choose your material

London fabric sample | XG Group

Frontlit Fabric

Ottowa fabric sample | XG Group

Blockout Fabric

Rio Satin Backdrop Fabric | Request a Sample

Satin Fabric

Flag fabric sample | XG Group

Flag Fabric

Choose your finishing

Heras fencing finishing continuous eyelet webbing close up | XG Group

eyelet webbing

Loop finishing close up | XG Group

Pocket stitching

Terms & Conditions

Creating your artwork

Backdrop options

PDF product sheet download for fabric backdrops

Fire certification PDF download for fabric backdrops

Fire Certification Document
Frontlit Downloadable PDF icon | XG Group
Blockout Downloadable PDF icon | XG Group

Fabric backdrop reviews

Fabric Backdrops
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Terry Murtha
excellent, efficient

great on every front, cant complain all smooth

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