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XG are Experts in TFS Fabric graphic production.
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XG have been offering services to trade and end user clients since 2009. In fact, we reckon there is not a problem with TFS production that we have not experienced and solved, from understanding the nuances of tension (too tight and it won’t fit, too loose and it’s saggy) to sourcing the best fabrics and production kit to ensure consistent results.

- Graphics for any TFS system -
- Guaranteed fit -
- Consistent high quality -
- Expert service & advice -
- Unrivalled industry experience -

We offer three core Tension Fabric System products: Backlit for light boxes, Frontlit for wall-mounted frames, and Blockout for exhibition and display systems. These core products are printed, laser cut to size, and machine stitched in-house. Our understanding of TFS systems and the stretch in our fabrics culminate in that your graphics will fit.

If you want to know more, check out our FAQ’s or contact us via email (sales@xg-group.co.uk) or simply pick up the phone and give us a call on 01280 707 180.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tension Fabric Systems (TFS) also known as Silicon Edge Graphics (SEG) are high resolution digitally printed fabric graphics finished with a flat beading (sometimes silicon) sewn around the edge and designed to be inserted into a TFS framework channel which then holds it taut to create seamless flat display and exhibition graphics.

We can produce fabrics for any TFS system as long as we know what size edge keder they use, we already know the answer for most systems including: Aluvision, BeMatrix, DPI, Foga, Octanorm, Pixlip, Spirit-Tex, Tecna T3, Ultima Displays, Unibox, and Very Displays.

Most common systems take a 14mm x 3mm TFS Keder, but some systems take 12mm or 10mm, for example the Tecna T3 system takes a 10mm PVC strip. If you are not sure what size TFS keder to specify, you can simply measure the width and depth of the TFS slot on your system and we’ll be able to tell you.

We do this by using some simple but clever formulas and some great technical kit. As long as we know the size of your frame, we use a unique process to ensure you receive your graphics within a tolerance that is better than the industry standard.

Simply measure the outside of the frame!

We don’t need to know anything more than that to ensure your graphics fit.


How to measure TFS Frames:

Measure the width and height of the frame, from the outside edge to the other outside edge from top to bottom and left to right. DO NOT measure from inside the silicone groove.
If possible, measure the groove width and depth in order to advise the correct silicone edging strip size.
The groove gap is usually 3mm to 4mm and the depth 10mm to 14mm.
If you know the brand of the frame we will be able to assist with this information.

TFS Frame Measurement

  • We offer 3 core fabrics which are Backlit for use with and TFS lightboxes, Blockout which is recommended for most freestanding displays as it will prevent any light showing through, and Fronlit for use with wall mounted frames.
  • Other specialist fabrics are available on request.
  • UV printed fabrics are available in Frontlit or Backlit versions (Blockout coming soon).

Yes, the carbon footprint for TFS graphics is extremely low compared with other traditional display materials: They use less raw material, weigh less and pack down better for easy, low-cost transport.

  • They are 100% PET so totally PVC and Phthalate free
  • They are recyclable
  • For a more in-depth information check out our blog

Yes, SEG is commonly used in USA and means Silicon Edge Graphics

  • Direct Dye sublimation print uses water-based ink that is printed directly to the fabric (which must be all or mostly polyester) It is then heated to a temperature that turns the ink to a gas and allows it to penetrate inside the polyester fibres leaving the ink permanently dyed into the fabric.
  • UV print is a process that prints ink onto the surface of the fabric and uses UV light to cure the ink and bond it to the surface.

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Yes, we do, however we recommend Dye sub printing for most applications. All our dye sub fabrics are specifically engineered for use in TFS, and the ink is dyed into the fabric so cannot scratch off or crack and therefore can be folded for storage and transportation. The choice of UV printable TFS fabrics is more limited, and to avoid damage to the printed surface. UV printed fabrics should be rolled for storage and transportation.

Fitting TFS graphics is easy, but following these tips will ensure your graphics look great:

    • Turn the TFS keder to ensure the fabric is facing the outside
    • Fit the corners first then fit the middles on each side working outwards
    • Wear soft gloves to avoid marking the fabric around the edges as you insert.

View our Fitting Guide here

The beauty with our dye sub TFS fabrics is that most creases will relax out once under tension.

Yes ,we can. We will need some additional information from you about the system you are using to ensure our processes are compatible.

Yes, we can offer fixed priced option for any regular customers

Yes, we do. We service a large number of customers that rely on our consistent pricing, competitive turnaround times and high quality.

Standard lead times are 5 working days, larger jobs may require longer but we are always happy to look at each job and offer a service that you can rely on.

Basic requirements are that you supply artwork in PDF format with production bleed that matches the size of the TFS strip (Typically 14mm).

For more details click here

Direct dye sublimation printed graphics may be washed with care in a normal domestic washing machine.

  • Wash on a short cycle at 30 degrees. Hang up to dry immediately.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • As with many fabric products, some residual dye from the manufacturing process may wash out when washed for the first time.
  • We do not recommend washing UV printed graphics.

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