UK leaders in dye sublimation textile printing and fabric printing

XG offers the most advanced complete solution for environmentally friendly digital textile printing; 3.2m superwide dye sublimation and transfer dye sublimation printing direct to fabric.

Full in-house digital textile printing and finishing capability

Continued investment in the latest sustainable technology utilising dye-sublimation print, fully recyclable materials and water based inks, demonstrates XG’s commitment to the environment and produces textile or fabric printing with an unequalled vibrancy of colours, guaranteeing stand out for your brand. Fabric banners are fire-rated and lightweight, offering an aesthetically pleasing alternative to more traditional branding methods like PVC.

XG’s in-house team produce and finish a full range of fabric displays to any size or volume.

One of our finishing team working on Britain's Got Talent fabric graphics   XG fabric sample swatch book


Digitally printed fabrics - the widest range of fabric options

The unrivalled textile printing capabilities and capacity we have in-house ensure your brand or message is given the best platform on a range of fabric applications. 

We offer the widest range of textiles available to meet your requirements, many of which are listed below. If you'd like to discuss your requirement further, or there is a particular material you require that isn't listed here, please speak to our technical experts on 01280 707180 as we are continually testing new alternatives. 

There's no limit to what we can achieve - find out how XG can help you deliver exciting results.

London Display Fabric FR_V1 is a 100% polyester knitted textile that is ultra-matte and non-glare for frontlit display applications. The slightly brushed back face gives this fabric higher opacity than many equivalent products on the market.  Recommended uses include: frontlit tension frame system graphics, various indoor and short-term outdoor applications eg. bannersdisplaysevent/tradeshow graphics & POS signage.

Monaco Premium Backlit Display Fabric FR_V1 is a lightweight knitted 100% polyester textile with a PU light diffusing coating to the reverse for backlit applications. It has an ultra-matte non-glare surface. This product is designed to avoid pinhole effect when used on LED lightboxes. Recommended uses include: backlit tension frame systems graphics.

Ottowa Blackout Display Fabric FR_V3 is a lightweight knitted 100% polyester knitted textile with a black PU coating to the reverse for backlit applications that require complete block out. It has an ultra-matte, non-glare surface and block out backing.  Recommended uses include: tension frame system graphics and displays when zero show through is required.

Havana Display Stretch Fabric FR_V1 is a 100% polyester knitted textile that is ultra-matte and non-glare. The special knitted construction, along with the use of an elastic polyester yarn, allows this product to both stretch and recover to its original form once released.  Recommended uses include: exhibition & display graphics stretched over 3 dimensional frames and crowd control barrier skins.

Rio Satin Display Fabric FR_V2 is a 100% polyester knitted textile with a soft satin finish to one face.  Recommended uses include:  various indoor and short-term outdoor applications such as banners, displays, event/tradeshow graphics and POS signage, table cloths and event drapes. Particularly effective when printing metallic images, it gives a beautiful, luxurious shine to your graphics.

Prague Voile FR_V1 is a 100% polyester ultra light weight, semi-transparent knitted fabric with a slight sheen. Recommended uses include large scale graphics where weight is a factor. Theatrical backdrops (in conjunction with stage lighting to create special effects), exhibition, display and retail, where it is a requirement to see through the graphic.

Tokyo Flag Fabric FR_V1 is a 100% polyester knitted textile that is ultra-matte and non-glare.  Recommended uses include: flagsfield of play bannerscrowd bannerscentre circle bannerssupporter banners, various indoor and short-term outdoor applications such as bannersdisplaysevent/tradeshow graphics and POS signage.

Le Mans Flag FR_V1 is a 100% polyester light weight knitted flag textile that is ultra-matte and non-glare. It has a textured surface and advanced durability with good print show through properties. The engineered nature of this fabric means that when used for outdoor flags it is more durable compared with the traditional flag fabric. Recommended uses include: outdoor flags and banners where maximum durability is a priority.

Auckland Airmesh Fabric FR_V3 is a 100% polyester knitted light weight textile that is ultra matte, non-glare and perforated for reduced wind resistance.  Recommended uses include indoor and outdoor applications: heras bannerscrowd control barrier covers, sports stadium brandingflagsbanners, displays and event/tradeshow graphics, especially where light weight and reduced resistance to wind are important concerns.

Shanghai Taffeta Display Fabric FR_V1 is a 100% polyester woven textile that is light weight with a smooth surface. Recommended uses include indoor and short term outdoor lightweight banners and flags where minimising weight is a priority.

Paris Artist Canvas Fabric Fr_V1 is a heavy woven poplin textile that is 100% polyester. It has a soft texture and appearance that is ultra-matte and non-glare. It is also wrinkle resistant.  Recommended uses include: various indoor and short-term outdoor applications such as banners, displaysevent/tradeshow graphics and POS signage.


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