Repositionable Self Stick Graphics for all smooth surfaces

Why we recommend EasyTack and EasyCling self stick graphics

  • Perfect to brand temporary events like conferences, where there is consideration for damage
  • Ideal to overbrand shell schemes at exhibitions
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Totally damage-free
  • Can be easily repositioned
  • An adhesive free graphic for almost all surfaces (EasyCling)
  • PVC free unlike any other static cling product

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 EasyTack adhesive free graphics for glass and smooth surfaces 


Easy Tack repositionable graphicsRemovable graphics Easy Tack for retail environmentsEasy Tack graphics for window promotions


EasyTack  it is a premium large format print media with an innovative micro-suction technology that makes it ideal for window graphics and signs. It is adhesive and static free and will cling to glass, varnished wood, stainless steel, PVC, Tiles and other smooth surfaces providing easy damage free removal, repositioning or reuse. EasyTack is a perfect alternative to traditional “Static Cling”.

The base film is a white PP and is adhesive, smudge and PVC free therefore making it suitable for environmentally friendly and damage free indoor advertisement.

Graphics can be repositioned at least 10 times as long as care is taken to ensure the micro-suction layer is always free of dirt. If the micro-suction layer becomes dirty, please use an adhesive tape to remove before reuse. Due to the character of a PP based film it is recommended the graphics are repositioned the least amount of times possible.


EasyCling static self-cling repositionable graphics for nearly all surfaces* 


Easy Cling removable graphics Easy Cling graphics for easy to remove promotional messagesEasy Cling removable graphics for exhibition shell schemes


A unique electrostatically charged polypropylene film (PVC-free) that clings to virtually ANY clean surface without the need for tape, tacks or adhesive. Easy to apply, easy to remove and DAMAGE FREE on removal. Do not mistake this Product with Static Cling Vinyl or “Self Cling”, which only stick to glass.

EasyCling sticks to brick, wood, plastic, metal, glass, marble, plaster and more!

EasyCling will stay in position for up to 3 months (*the smoother the surface, the longer it will cling). It can be repositioned. (The fewer times it is moved, the longer it stays on a surface)

Easy to Apply

To apply EasyCling, remove from the liner and place on a clean, dry indoor surface. For very large graphics it is recommended that two people remove the liner carefully from the film to avoid wrinkling. EasyCling will adhere to wood, brick, metal, glass, painted walls, or laminate - almost any surface except fabric. Avoid placing in drafty locations (around fans, open doors, vents) or on newly painted walls to maximise the cling time. Reposition once applied by moving with fingertips, or by pulling on a corner. Peel away from surface to remove.

It is recommended to have a white border around the graphic to prolong the cling life.

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*Surfaces should be clean & even

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