Triga Tension Fabric Modular Display Systems

The revolutionary new tensioned fabric display system is now available in the UK through XG Group. This complements our range of modular display systems and leading edge large format graphic solutions.

Triga is a unique, reconfigurable, tensioned fabric display system that allows you to self-build seamless fabric graphics without any need for tools. It can be easily reconfigured and used for many different applications including interview backdrops, fabric media walls, exhibitions, displays and tension fabric structures as high as 5m tall! These displays are often also known as 'soft signage'.

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Triga Tension Fabric Modular Display SystemEasy to install Triga modular displaysTriga fabric photo backdrop


Why we recommend Triga fabric modular display systems:

  • The lightest and most compact system on the market which packs away into a wheeled bag that fits easily in a car boot
  • No tools required in its construction making it ideal for self build purposes
  • A tool-less solution, meaning decreased transport, drayage and labour costs, as well as reduced build times
  • Extremely cost effective - the hardware can be reused by reconfiguring and adapting or reordering print only
  • Can be constructed up to 5m high


Triga modular display system components

Triga's tool-less modular fabric displays create virtually no limits to the design possibilities you can bring to your exhibit, from three-dimensional towers and free-standing billboards to back-walls and booths. Triga's materials are extraordinarily lightweight. For example, a 30m long wall that stands 2.4m tall weighs less than 180kg. You won't need a single tool to fashion your creations - that's because Triga's patented tensioning devices and modular design makes assembly extremely fast and easy.


       Triga modular display system uprights

       Triga display systems pole connectors

       Triga display systems feet sizes

Cross Bars

       Triga Systems cross bars


Graphic Rails

Graphic rails are used in conjunction with the correct cross bar lengths and are used to secure the fabric graphics in place with consistent tension when the triga system is deployed.

       Triga system graphics rails


Graphic rails can be fitted with either end pieces or corner pieces.

       Triga Display Systems end pieces or corner pieces fittings


The spring loaded mechanism used to tension the graphic rail.


       Triga spring loaded mechanism used to tension


Cross bars are linked to uprights by fastening a cross bar to a link-cuff which is done without tools. Most common links are made in-line at 180 degrees (to extend in a straight line) or at 90 degrees (to create a corner).

       Triga display systems link-cuffs that link cross bars

Shell scheme bracket

A simple metal bracket mates the trigas to standard shell-scheme systems to cover the booth walls with tensioned prints.

       Triga display shell scheme bracket

An adjustable metal bracket can mate a variety of LCD screens to the triga structure.

Watch this video for more information about the amazing Triga Display System


Choose your Triga modular display system in four easy steps:

Here is our easy step guide to ordering your Triga modular display, which we hope helps you decide what you need. Please call us on 01280 707180 or email if you have any questions or to discuss your requirements.

       Four step guide to ordering Triga modular display systems

Step 1 - Things to consider when ordering your Triga modular display system

  • What floor space and height do you have?
  • Are you requiring frontlit, backlit or mixed?
  • How will your brand or imagery work on the system?

Call us on 01280 707180 for advice on your requirements

Step 2 - Choose your size and configuration

Triga display systems are available in the following configurations:

       Triga systems configurations for exhibitions, conferences, wall mounted displays, free standing displays, towers, counters, shell scheme, backdrops and walls

Step 3 - Creating your artwork

You have 2 options when creating artwork:

1. Design your own or use your preferred agency to design it for you.

If you want to create your own artwork, we can email you an illustrator or PDF template to help you set up your artwork. You can then contact us to get details about uploading your production ready artwork to us when placing your order.

2. Let XG assist you with your artwork.

If you require assistance in preparing your artwork, XG can help you. We will assist you with your artwork by helping you lay out your supplied elements as requested. 

We would require a clear brief and any logos (ai,eps) fonts, relevant copy and colours needed to complete the layout. This process would require your approval and final sign off before production.

Please note there may be a charge for this service.

Should you require more complex graphic design, please call us on 01280 707180 or email


Step 4 - How to order

Now you are ready to place your order. 

You can contact us by calling 01280 707180 or emailing with your requirements along with your full invoice address and delivery address (if different). We will then send you back a formal quotation prior to your order confirmation.

For non account customers, we require full payment before your order can be processed. Payment can be made by card over the phone, by bank transfer or cheque (please allow 4-5 days for cheques to clear).

Delivery is based on a standard 5 working day production lead time. These may vary depending on quantities and are subject to availability. If an express turnaround is required, we will always endeavour to help.

Please call us on 01280 707180 if you need any help or advice on our products or processes.

*Lead times may vary dependent upon volume and availability and are subject to change


Product information and warnings

  • This product has been designed for professional event use.
  • Take care when assembling ensuring a clean area and assistance is available, where required.
  • Ensure the product has been correctly assembled before using.
  • Keep away from naked flames and other heat sources.


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