Custom Printed Roller Banners:

Grasshopper Basics, Giant Mosquito, Barracuda, Excaliber 2, Blade Plus, XL Rollerbanners and Outdoor Rollerbanners

A complete range of economy to premium roller banners, suitable for every budget and including printed graphics.

From low cost, single use to high quality, multiple-use units, we'll have the perfect option for you. All our roller banners consist of premium aluminium casings with high quality, digitally printed graphics that are stay flat, stop light, anti-scratch and fire-retardant.


Custom printed roller banners Pull Up Banners with standsPrinted roller banner displays


XG's range of roller banners and pull up banners

XG have carefully selected various models that we believe will suit any event or budget.

Roller banners are easy to use, long-lasting and hard-wearing. they're also quick to pack away and easy to store, making them a cost effective solution for any business looking to make a professional impression, with minimum fuss, at a seminar, conference or exhibition.

When packed away, the printed roller banner graphic is securely stored inside the casing. To assemble the roller banner, simply pull up the graphic, hook it over the supplied pole and you instantly have your display.

The following matrix will help you choose the right option depending on your requirements.

Call us on 01280 707180 or email if you have any questions, or would like to discuss with our team.

  Roller Banner specifications


Budget - Grasshopper Basics Roller Banner

Entry level low cost banner, the Grasshopper Basics roller banner is an extremely popular budget roller banner, designed with functionality and cost in mind.

  • Available in 800mm or 1000mm widths
  • Twin twist out feet for excellent balance and stability
  • Anodised silver finish and bungee pole
  • Carry bag included. No tools required
  • Premium printed non-pvc, stayflat, stop light, anti-scratch graphic
  • Premium laminated option available at an extra cost (recommended for intense usage)
  • Manufacturer's hardware 1 year guarantee.



Grasshopper Basics roller banner - Xtreme Graphics


Double-sided - Excaliber 2 Double Sided Roller Banner

The Excaliber 2 Double Sided Roller Banner is a very popular, strong and stylish double sided roller banner, proven as a reliable banner for regular use. If you regularly change your graphic then this is the banner stand for you. 

  • Available in 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm & 2000mm widths
  • Telescopic pole
  • Anodised silver finish
  • Ratchet to adjust tension
  • High specification carry bag included
  • Premium printed non-pvc, stayflat, stop light, anti-scratch graphic
  • Premium laminated option available up to 1500mm wide (recommended for intense usage)
  • Manufacturer's hardware lifetime guarantee



Excaliber 2 double sided roller banner - Xtreme Graphics


Premium - Barracuda Roller Banner

The Barracuda banner stand is a very popular, strong and stylish design, proven as a reliable banner for regular use. If you're looking to change your graphic often, then this is the banner stand for you.

  • Available in 800mm & 1000mm widths
  • Telescopic pole and ratchet to adjust tension
  • Anodised silver finish
  • High specification carry bag and manufacturer's hardware lifetime guarantee included
  • Fast graphic change
  • Premium printed non-pvc, stayflat, stop light, anti-scratch graphic
  • Premium laminated option available at an extra cost (recommended for intense usage).



 Barracuda roller banner - Xtreme Graphics 


Premium - Blade Plus Roller Banner

The Blade Plus roller banner is stylish and sleek. Has a polished low profile design and smart exterior, making it perfect for presentations or exhibitions where the banner will be visible.

  • Available in 850mm & 1000mm widths
  • Hybrid telescopic pole
  • Quality snap rail with plastic end caps
  • Anodised silver with stylish end covers in chromed finish
  • Ratchet to adjust tension
  • Adjustable feet
  • High specification carry bag included
  • Manufacturer's 5 year guarantee.

Blade Plus roller banners - Xtreme Graphics


Extra Tall - Giant Mosquito Extra Tall Roller Banner

The Giant Mosquito roller banner stand is one of the largest economy banners you can buy. At 3m high your message will be seen by all. The Hybrid pole is quick and easy to use, and can be set at various heights to suit your graphics.

  • Available in 850mm, 1000mm, 1500mm & 2000mm widths
  • Part bungee/part telescopic pole
  • Twin twist out feet
  • Snap rail
  • Fast graphic change
  • Padded bag included
  • Premium printed non-pvc, stayflat, stop light, anti-scratch graphic
  • Manufacturer's hardware lifetime guarantee.



         Giant mosquito roller banners - Xtreme Graphics


Outdoor - Thunder 2 Single / Double Sided Outdoor / Indoor Roller Banner

The Thunder 2 Roller Banner stand is a doubble sided retractable outdoor banner. It is stylish, strong and durable, yet easy to assemble and tranport.

  • Available 850mm wide
  • 2M high retractable banner
  • Single or double sided
  • Large twin feet
  • Three part bungee pole with damper spring
  • Wind speed if pegged 18-24 mph / 29-38 kmh (Beauford scale 5)
  • Wind speed if unpegged 4-7 mph / 6-11 kmh (Beaufort scale 2)
  • Manufacturer's hardware 1 year guarantee.



      Thunder 2 single / double sided outdoor / indoor roller banner





LED Spot Light

The LED spot light has been specifically designed for use on banner stands, with a built in builldog clip that locates onto the banner pole and a stylish, curved arm that sweeps over the banner to illuminate your key marketing message. Energy efficient, bright and stylish, the ultimate combination to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Integral bulldog clip for use on banner stands only
  • Approx 500 lumens/5W
  • Approx 6000 Kelvin
  • Energy efficient
  • Supplied with UK plug that easily converts for us in Continental Europe.




             LED spotlight for use with roller banners


Power Spot Light

This is a 50watt low voltage spot light designed specifically for use with banner stands.

  • Available in silver
  • Supplied with 2.5m lead (2m of cable from transformer to the plug, 1m from the light)
  • Quarter circle curved arm
  • Adjustable head
  • Integral bulldog clip specifically designed for banner stand poles
  • 2 or 4 light kits include lights, a carry case and a 4-way extension cable.




             Power spot light for use with roller banners


Creating your artwork

You have 2 options when creating artwork:

1. Design your own or use your preferred agency to design it for you.

If you want to create your own artwork, we can email you an illustrator or PDF template to help you set up your artwork. You can then contact us to get details about uploading your production ready artwork to us when placing your order.

2. Let XG assist you with your artwork.

If you require assistance in preparing your artwork, XG can help you. We will assist you with your artwork by helping you lay out your supplied elements as requested. 

We would require a clear brief and any logos (ai,eps) fonts, relevant copy and colours needed to complete the layout. This process would require your approval and final sign off before production. Please note there may be a charge for this service.

General guides for artwork are as follows:

  • Production ready high resolution PDF
  • Finish page/frame size + 3mm bleed to all edges
  • 150DPI at full size
  • Embed all text and fonts
  • Upload via our XG Artwork Delivery System (please contact us for your password)

Should you require more complex graphic design, please call us on 01280 707180 or email


How to order

Now you are ready to place your order.

Roller banners price list

Roller banner price list - Xtreme Graphics

** All prices are exclusive of VAT

You can contact us by calling 01280 707180 or emailing with your requirements along with your full invoice address and delivery address (if different). We will then send you back a formal quotation prior to your order confirmation.

For non account customers, we require full payment before your order can be processed. Payment can be made by card over the phone, by bank transfer or cheque (please allow 4-5 days for cheques to clear).

Delivery is based on a standard 5 working day production lead time. These may vary depending on quantities and are subject to availability. If an express turnaround is required, we will always endeavour to help.

Please call us on 01280 707180 if you need any help or advice on our products or processes.

*Lead times may vary dependent upon volume and availability and are subject to change.

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