Enhancing Leicester Tigers' Retail Experience with Lightboxes and Tension Fabric Frames

Overview: Leicester Tigers, one of the UK’s premier rugby clubs, recognised the need to elevate their retail shop’s visual appeal and create an immersive brand experience for their passionate fanbase. XG was asked to deliver a dynamic and visually striking display solution for the club’s retail space.

Solution: XG provided a combination of lightboxes and tension fabric frames to meet Leicester Tigers’ requirements. Lightboxes created a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. The tension fabric frames provided versatility, allowing for the seamless integration of graphics and creating a visually cohesive environment within the retail space.

Conclusion: XG’s innovative use of lightboxes and tension fabric frames successfully transformed Leicester Tigers’ retail shop into a visually captivating and brand-aligned space.

The versatility of tension fabric frames allows Leicester Tigers to adapt and change displays easily, ensuring that the retail shop remains dynamic and aligned with the team’s evolving merchandise offerings.

The collaboration between XG and Leicester Tigers not only met the immediate goals of the project but also set the foundation for a dynamic and adaptable retail environment capable of evolving with the team’s future needs.

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