Tension fabric PODs

14 November 2014

It's great to have such positive feedback on a project.

This is what our client has to say:

"XG Group exceeded all expectations in delivering a set of aluminium framed PODs in two sizes; 4.6m and 3.6m diameters with a set of stunning graphic panels for each.  Not only working in tight time frames, but also at a competitive price point.

One of the many challenges was to get the fabric graphics to fit exactly, too much fabric and they would wrinkle, too little and they wouldn’t fit into the frame. They were all perfect and as a result looked stunning. As always the XG team went the extra mile to accommodate everything we needed.

The events were a huge success and our client was very pleased with how the POD s looked, showcasing LG’s latest handsets. 

Thank you to the XG team for working so hard on this."