Your guide to large-format stadium graphics

Stay on-the-ball with your branding!

Stadiums offer huge opportunities to get your brand noticed, with potentially thousands of viewers being exposed to advertisements at one time. Whether it’s Wembley or your local venue, stadium graphics can kick-off a new aspect to your advertising.

So what’s the best option for you to showcase your business at stadiums? We have a few options to help you engage your audience:

On-field visuals

Why not choose something that is right in the thick of it? On-field products such as centre circles are ideal for sponsors to promote and engage, being a focal point in stadiums.

Choose a centre circle or pitch banner for an interactive visual that is lightweight to handle and easy to store. Whether you’re looking to display a consistent message or emblem at every home game, or a one-off messages from sponsors, these make excellent photo opportunities and can enhance the atmosphere of the game!  

In the crowd

Stadium seat covers aren’t just resorted to filling empty seats or dividing audiences – they can act as another banner for sponsors and brands, too. Our seat covers are made in a durable airmesh fabric, which can be made to any shape or size. This airmesh is made from a PVC-free fabric, which along with the seat covers reusability makes it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for your branding.

Crowd flags are a fan-favourite at large events, being a dynamic and engaging feature to show team support. Being produced in a lightweight material and supplied in a holdall ensures that they can be easily stored away when not in use, ready for the next big event.

Portable signage

Flags can come in a whole range of shapes, sizes and styles. From our feather flags, wind dancer flags or custom-print flags, these eye-catching features can be assembled anywhere for maximum attention, whilst being easy to pack up and get on the move.

Other items that can help bring your stadium graphics to life are crowd barrier covers, ideal in their use to direct large audiences and communicate important messaging or reinforce team branding. Similarly, we’ve seen toblerone-shaped signage turn into a portable or temporary staple at stadiums thanks to its flatpack nature. This signage solution is quick to assemble and deconstruct, made from a single sheet of fluted Correx board expertly printed in full colour. Whether you’re lining the outskirts of a pitch or providing crowd guidance in public areas, toblerone-shaped signage is quick becoming a must-have for stadiums!

The ball's in your court

Don’t pass-up on the opportunity to get your brand noticed! We provide a wide range of permanent or semi-permanent branded graphics for the all kinds of venues and sporting events. Whether it’s a local pitch or a national stadium, we won’t compromise on quality or service. Find out for yourselves,  contact us on 01280 707 180 or email us at

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