White Ink Printing

White ink is a spot colour that can be used in addition to the conventional CMYK printing process, taking designs to another level by allowing large format graphics to be printed onto a range of non-white substrates. 

We either print this 5th colour “in process” or as an additional layer, which we can advise you on, depending on your application.

White ink printing allows designs to be printed vividly on to any colour, dark or clear substrates without affecting the design or colours used in the original artwork. 

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Applications that benefit from white ink printing

White ink printing can also be used for a number of applications, such as Bild floor graphics, where the design is printed to the reverse of a clear flooring material. A layer of white ink is printed on top and flipped over so the design is beneath the protective layer of print media with white ink print below.

For window graphics printed on clear polyester, white ink used with CMYK can increase the design vibrancy to achieve stunning effects, or white ink used alone is perfect for window manifestation. A layer of white ink print in between two other print layers also allows a message to be read on both sides of of the glass. 

Get in touch on 01280 707180 or sales@xg-group.co.uk to discuss your white ink printing requirements.

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