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What safety signs do I need when we return to work?

As lockdown restrictions continue to lift in the UK, there’s an even greater hope that pre-covid life is just around the corner. Although we can’t say when this might be the reality, we can help you prepare for the much-awaited return to work. 

Even as offices, shops and public buildings reopen, keeping your environment safe and socially distanced is reassurance for your team and clients. But what are the requirements, what’s recommended, or even available? 

Your commitment to a safe environment

As of the 12th April 2021, any workforce unable to complete their work from home can return to office. In these situations, it is still required for safety precautions to be in place, including completing a covid risk assessment, providing adequate ventilation and to inform employees and visitors of the safety requirements. Communicating the restrictions is a vital part of this, with companies researching the most cost and time-effective solutions. Find out more on covid safety requirements here. 

How can we help?

Understanding the needs of our clients in this climate has brought a new range of products to XG Group. Signage is a key focus in the regulations for returning to work, so it’s important to find the right display solution for you.  

Our roller-banners are a statement option ideal for lobbies and entrances to building to ensure all guests to your office building understand the safety precautions. These banners are popular for their easy assembly and compact storage, even once lockdown is long-forgotten, you can replace the sleeve for future branding events. 

Smaller options for this include A-Boards and banner frames. With similar pros to our roller-banners, these are best-suited for if you have a smaller space to work with. If floor-space is tight, we have you covered with a variety of self-adhesive graphics. 

Our range of self-adhesive graphics can cover flooring or walls, in a diverse offering of sizes and styles. It’s combination of fast application and damage-free removal make these one of the most practical signage options for the workplace, easily sticking to walkways, bathroom mirrors and windows. Different types of self-adhesive graphics work best on different surfaces, so we recommend you get in touch with one of our experts to discuss which is right for your needs. 

So once you’ve communicated the regulations efficiently, how do you make social distancing even easier? Safety screens are one of the most popular products to help protect people in populated areas, providing a physical barrier between yourself and othersChoose between a roller banner for full-length protectionour aluminium TFS frameor our custom-cut Foam PVC option. Madwith a transparent screen, you won’t lose the team-atmosphere we’ve all been missing!  

How can we help?

If the image of an office full of fluorescent guidelines and generics signage is what you’re imagining, think again! Our products can be tailored to suit your branding, so nothing looks too out-of-place. View our artwork guide for further details on branding your safety solutions. 

Alternatively, we’d love to hear from you. For advice on how our products can help your business return to work, get in touch with our experts at 
sales@xg-group.com or 01280 707 280.  

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