What is white ink printing?

When you see the final, printed product from XG group there’s a lot of features that can stand out. The quality of the materials, their ease of use… but most of all, the vibrancy of colours! 

Although a lot of this can be put down to print medium, the quality and types of inks also make a significant difference. As you may remember from our blog, ‘Can you really print Pantone colours?’, we print using CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black.) These are mixed to get the shade of colour you request, but what happens when you need a fresh white ink? 

CMYK... and W!

Unsurprisingly, you can’t make white out of CMYK. Instead, we add white as a fifth element to the CMYK process. Often, this needs to be layered up more to get a strong white colour, which means you can use any colour substrate without tainting the clarity of colour. 

What products work best in white ink?

We’ve seen white ink bring to life numerous projects, whether it’s creating a dynamic graphics on glass for shop windows or office partitions. 
In particular, white ink can really enhance the design of your Bild floor graphics. This is created by printing the design to the reverse of a clear flooring material. A layer of white ink is printed on top and flipped over so the design is beneath the protective layer of print media with white ink print below, leaving your messaging clear and easily spotted. 
For window graphics, white ink still allows a lot of light to flow through so your interiors aren’t dramatically affected. This means you can get away with much larger window features which can be translated beautifully to both sides of the glass. 

Any questions?

Get in touch on 01280 707180 or sales@xg-group.co.uk to discuss your white ink printing requirements. 

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