The Rise of Experiential in Retail

We know from daily news stories that the UK high street has been having a hard time. 2019 is crucially about retail brands reevaluating their offer to survive the many challenges they’re facing.

E-commerce has increasingly offered convenience and personalisation, now traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ stores are responding to their consumers, who are choosing to move away from just shopping in store for products and instead seeking a much more engaging experience. 

Retailers have entered a new age of experiential retail, driven by millenials and their preference for experience over things.

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Experiential retail trends for 2019

Why go to all the trouble of driving to the shops, paying for parking and then simply making a quick purchase and heading straight home? These days shopping is more about going out for an enjoyable experience and stores that choose to embrace this will attract more foot fall.

In-store presentation with engaging or illuminated POS displays and signposting is vital to enticing customers in, and then keeping them to stay there longer. Many retailers are focusing on how they can create a community around their store and make customers feel really at home. Creating live experiences in-store, such as offering beauty treats within branded environments, are perfect to create content to share with friends and family online, further extending brand exposure. By using modular graphic walls retail brands can very easily change their promotional campaigns with fresh messages simply by replacing the fabric graphics and not having the further expense of new hardware systems.

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