TFS Graphics – Use the right formula

Ever wondered how we can make hundreds of TFS graphics each week for dozens of different systems and guarantee they will fit every time? Simple, we know the right Formula. 

The formulae we have created over the last 12 years are a result of a lot of hard work testing, experimenting, and analysing all the elements that can influence or effect the fitment of TFS graphics, these include frame type, fabric type, print method, finishing method, and so on. Here is a little insight on this: 

The frame systems: Knowing what system the TFS graphics are being used with is important to ensure we use the correct TFS edging which is the first part of the formula. We know most systems out there but if you are not sure then we have ways of working that out.   

In addition, it is essential to get the correct frame measurement which is an easy process because we only need to know the outside frame width and height.  

The Fabric: Knowing the fabrics and how much they stretch is key. Each fabric type will differ, so we have developed methods for testing and managing this information to ensure every graphic uses the right formula and therefore has the right amount of tension when fitted in the frame.  

Fabric manufacturing standards are very important to ensure quality and batch consistency, we manage this through established supply chains and in some instances, we have fabrics manufactured to our own specification.  

Printing: Printing for TFS is not a onesize fits all. There are lots of nuances and technical considerations that need to be managed. We have plenty of experience in this field and have a primary print machine for each of our core TFS fabrics which improves efficiency and consistency. 

Print orientation: On all fabrics, the stretch on the roll length will differ to the roll width. Normally each graphic panel is rotated to minimise waste however when printing multiple panels this can affect graphic line up so wherever possible we print all panels in the same rotation. 

Cutting: All our TFS graphics are auto cut on our flatbed laser cutters. This ensures high levels of consistency and size accuracy but also seals the fabric edge to prevents any edge fray. 

Sewing: Incorrect feeding process and speed are often the cause of a badly fitting TFS Graphic. Having the right sewing machinery and using tried and tested sewing processes are essential to this final stage of producing a correctly fitting TFS graphic. 

People: Central to producing quality is the people and our people are passionate about getting it right. Our combined knowledge and experience and drive for quality are at the heart of everything we do.  

Great reputation and customer loyalty: Combined with well-practiced working methods we have a fantastic formula to ensure we maintain our reputation for quality, service and consistency which is why our client retention is impressively high. 

Did you know?

  • Our quality does not come with a premium, we offer a trade service which is competitively priced and quality guaranteed. 
  • We can offer both Dye sub print or UV print
  • We always recommend Dye sub print for exhibition and display graphics 
  • There are a wider range of fabrics available for Dye sub printing than for UV Printing
  • Dye sub fabrics have more stretch than those developed for UV printing and therefore UV print specific fabrics have a lower fitting tolerance
  • Creasing in dye sub fabrics will drop out under tension
  • UV print specific fabrics often require rolling for transport to avoid creasing 

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