Should you go PVC-Free?

We now offer PVC-free banners which we think you’ll love

XG group are excited to announce our most recent steps towards sustainable branding! 

We now offer PVC-free banners in front lit, double-sided and mesh materials. As we continue to progress towards more sustainable solutions in our products and practices, these products are an excellent start to incorporate greener branding to your company. Understandably, choosing a new material for your tried-and-tested branding can feel like a risk, so let us put your mind at ease. 

It’s not PVC- what is it?

To put it simply, our PVC-free materials are a combination of polyester scrim and PA water-based coating.  

What’s really surprising about our PVC-free fabrics, is how similar to PVC they are! In durabilityfinish and quality, you aren’t missing out on the usual high-quality that we provide.  

Sounds too good!

Going PVC-free is an excellent step in the right direction for more sustainable branding, but it’s important you choose the right product for your purpose. 

  • Our mesh banner in a PVC-free option works best for short-term branding outside, such as heras banners and scaffolding wraps, or indoor use such as branded backdrops. 
  • The double-sided banner is a double-sided option with 75% opacity, perfect for outdoor use in signage or indoor solutions such as café barriers or event displays. 
  • Or maybe the PVC-free front lit banner material is right for you. With a grey reverse, this versatile product can be used as a substitute for all of your usual promotional banner applications, indoors or outdoors. 

All of these materials have been designed with end-of-life disposal in mind. PVC is notoriously difficult to reuse or recycle, unlike our new options. Being biodegradable enables these products to leave minimal impact on the environment and they are also widely recycled. 

No corners cut

The finishing touch is in the print itself. We use digital UV cured printing, a greener option than many traditional methods thanks to its instant drying technique. By drying instantly, you don’t get any solvents in the ink evaporating into the atmosphere. Not only does this ensure cleaner air, it gives your products a brighter, cleaner finish. 

At your request

We keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by producing our PVC-free products completely in-house, specifically to your needs. If you want to go PVC-free, contact us on 01280 707 180 or email us at

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