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No corners cut: the Silverstone branding experience

XG Group worked at the heart of the British Grand Prix event

The British Grand Prix event this weekend at Silverstone has been electric to watch. But aside from being captivated by the performance of the drivers, we were proud to see our work in action! Teaming with the Silverstone events team and Match hospitality, XG Group has produced the materials they need to get over the finish line.

We don’t need to say why this weekend at Silverstone was a big deal. This sell-out experience has been the largest attended sporting events in the world for the last couple of years, meaning nothing could be overlooked when creating a show-stopping collection of branding and fan information materials.

The right direction

XG Group produced all off-track infrastructure signage and way-finding products for the event. This mainly features maps, car parking signage and directional information, welcome signage. However, we also created their important health and safety messaging and gate entry kits which included flags, branded event tents, crowd barrier covers and information sign structures. We also rebranded the iconic Brooklands and Woodcote Hospitality buildings and suites into the Legends and Heritage Clubs and Cops corner into a festival-style enclosure aptly named Trackside Hospitality.

Although this isn’t the first time we’ve collaborated with Silverstone for a branding overhaul, check out our last project with Silverstone Drive here.

It all adds up

The volume of Silverstone is hard to comprehend, but there are many branded features that play an important part in such a renown event. Tension fabric frames of all sizes, heras fence branding, self-adhesive vinyl’s and branded hospitality vehicles are just some of the features we produced. 

The sign of a good sign is for it to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, boosting brand recognition and being accessible when needed. So whether it’s a feather flag, the car park directions or the banners, being expertly branded and clearly designed lets the products integrate into the event flawlessly. 

No project too big

Being the incumbent supplier for Silverstone’s large-format sign and graphics requirements over this event was a lot of fun- and a lot of responsibility! Many event and production managers juggle numerous suppliers for their large-format printing, which can put pressure on budgets and add to your ever-growing to-do list. We produce everything in-house and offer a comprehensive range of products and services, so you can trust everything is being taken care of under one roof.

Get in touch

You’re one-stop away from finding your next go-to large-format print supplier. Let’s talk about your next event or exhibition, call us on 01280 707 180 or email sales@xg-group.com. Alternatively, visit our wide range of products here to get some inspiration.

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