Fabric Airmesh VS PVC banner

Which substrate is right for your project?

XG Group offer a wide range of substrates for you to choose from depending on which product best suits your needs. Two popular options are fabric airmesh and PVC banner, offering different benefits suited to your needs. We recommend fabric airmesh for uses such as banners, backdrops, and any kind of promotional branding needed for relatively short-term events. PVC on the other hand is great for the likes of heras fencing, or in environments such as construction sites where it needs to be robust against wear and tear. We can help you choose the right option for your needs, but here’s a brief comparison to help you get a good impression of their benefits.


Did you know we offer PVC-free banner substrates which is a great replacement to their PVC counterparts? If you want something in PVC but want to be a little softer on the environment, give PVC-free a go. This is complimented using UV-printing, a process which quickly sets ink onto the substrate without any chemicals being evaporated into the atmosphere. When opting for fabric airmesh, we use dye sublimation printing. Dye sublimation printing is a solvent-free method that uses an in-line curing process to evaporate the water leaving the dye ink cured into the fabric . Either option has their own benefits, but you can find out more about dye sub and UV printing here. Fabric airmesh also has the bonus of being made with a recycled yarn, so your graphics are made from previously-loved products that are given a second lease of life. You can read more about sustainability in the print industry here.


Both fabric airmesh and PVC require different care and suit different uses in order for you to achieve their maximum lifespan. PVC is a very strong material, which many people already know and trust for its resilience. We recommend PVC mesh for uses such as heras fencing on construction sites or other high-impact environments, as it can withstand tough weather for longer-term than fabric airmesh might. Fabric airmesh is ideal for quick branding such as festivals or other outdoor events, when you need shorter-term promotional usage.


Fabric airmesh is lightweight and air permeable making it easy to fold, store, transport and set up. It’s ease of handling makes it ideal for taking out and about for short-term displays, whereas PVC’s heavier weight requires more management to install. This is more time-consuming but being a more durable material for long-term use makes it more beneficial for certain uses.

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The quality! Our experts can advise you on the best substrate for your needs if you’re unsure which to choose. Simply get in touch on 01280 707 180 or email us at sales@xg-group.co.uk

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