The rise of experiential marketing

02 May 2017

XG Group | Experts in Graphics is the leading graphic production partner for the experiential sector, offering a full range of branded live event solutions. Over the past few years we’ve noticed a sharp rise in live events and branded experiences requiring that essential wow factor. Our extensive range of in-house graphic production capabilities, including direct to fabric printing mean we offer everything to achieve this; branded deckchairs & parasols, gazebos & star tents, flags & banners in all shapes & sizes, through to perimeter branding with scrim and crowd barrier banners, plus bespoke solutions.

The XG service and quality guarantee is also peace of mind in an industry where there are no extendable deadlines!

But why the meteoric rise in experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing campaigns are becoming an increasingly popular part of a brand's marketing mix as traditional advertising fails to hit the mark, according to leading agencies. Live events directly engage with consumers in one of the most effective ways possible - face to face. And with better ROI tracking techniques, brands see tangible results from experiential marketing, which is why so many of them are investing more every year.

In their Global Index, international research and data organisation Pearlfinders predicted that UK brand investment in experiential marketing would increase by a massive 40% during 2016 with the scope and scale of experiential projects continuing to expand.

The value of live experiences has increased as people change the way they consume digital content. Ad blocking makes it even harder to get advertising messages through to consumers, but the live experience industry guarantees a direct connection, as well as influencing a massive indirect audience through social media. Millennials love hashtags and sharing their experiences on social media!

The FMCG sector was at the forefront of the use of experiential media but this has rapidly spread to other markets as they also realise the benefits.

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