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Do’s and don’ts of print-ready artwork

What do we need from you to bring your creations to life?

Our expertise in large-format printing enables us to turn your ideas into a reality. Once you’ve found a product that fits your project, we need production-ready artwork to bring it to life. This can sound daunting, but with a little know-how you’ll have your designs at your doorstep in no time! To make things easy, here’s the key do’s and don’ts of making your artwork print-ready.  

Do: Provide your artwork as a vector PDF.

This is because vector files can be resized to almost any scale without pixilation. If you’re struggling to find a vector file for your logo, it would likely have been used for your previous print projects, so ask the person who is responsible for your usual design work.

Don’t: Send a JPEG, PNG or GIF file. We can’t take spot colours from these (see here for more information on our colour-picking process) and they are often low-quality.

Do: Provide high-resolution artwork if a vector is not available. 

If you’re unsure whether the resolution of your artwork is high enough, an easy way to check is by multiplying it on your screen to its output size. For example, if you supply your imagery at 10%, expand the image by 1000% and it will give you an idea of whether it will be pixelated or not. See our images for an example of pixilation.

Don’t: Supply artwork in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word.  These low-resolution formats aren’t designed to be used in large-format printing and sadly can’t create the quality or finish you desire. 

Do: Check if there’s a downloadable template for your product.

 This can be found in the ‘Artwork & Templates’ section of the product page, but sometimes your templates will be custom-made to your needs in which case contact us to discuss in more detail. 

Don’t: Use a different template to what we provide. This may not fit your product and can’t be used for XG products.  

Do: Trust us with your artwork

If you need to vectorise your imagery or help with the artwork, we have you covered. If you don’t have vector imagery, or you don’t have the capacity to create your artwork, you won’t miss out on personalised XG products. We can assist you with creating print-ready artwork for an additional fee.

Don’t: Compromise the look of your final product with low-quality artwork. If you aren’t sure whether your artwork is suitable, all you need to do is get in touch and we can advise you further. 

Do: Look at our artwork guide for more details.

Our artwork guide provides a more in-depth explanation of what we need to make your artwork ‘print-ready’.  

Don’t: Worry if this sounds confusingWe have years of experience in creating high-quality large-format print products and can assure you on every step it takes to get your products picture-perfect! Talk to our experts on 01280 707 180 or email us at sales@xg-group.co.uk

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