5 Reasons to swap to XG for all your TFS graphics


Thanks to our clever formulas and technically developed fabrics.

XG were early adopters of fabric printing for the soft signage and display market in the UK. Very early on we realised that to ensure the fabrics fitted every time we needed to understand and control as much of the process as possible. We have since, worked with our preferred fabric manufacturers to develop fabrics to a specification and quality that perfectly suits our production methods.

We know the amount of stretch for each material and the maths for each TFS frame type on the market and we combine these to create special formulas for each graphic produced which are then accurately laser cut and finished to an exacting standard that ensures an unrivalled fitting consistency.

Tension Graphics


Thanks to our high production capacity and streamlined working methods.

We pride ourselves in working with clients to facilitate their lead times, we also work with regular clients on standard lead times, so you will not need to negotiate on each and every project. When we commit to a lead time, we consider all the processes required to produce the job, the available capacity and once the lead time is agreed, we move heaven and sometimes earth to ensure that deadline is met.


We offer standardised square meter pricing to give you the freedom to quote your jobs upfront. We can tailor pricing around your turnover potential and service level requirements to ensure we are always competitive.


Expertise comes from experience and skill, and we have both thanks to the number of years we have been producing TFS Graphics. It has not been a smooth journey, but we’ve now paid our school fees and thanks to our technical approach we have engineered a product range which is both consistent and high quality.


Whilst TFS Graphics are inherently more sustainable than almost every alternative graphic solution, we are going a step further and have started our journey to Net Zero and are on target to achieve this by mid 2023. We are also very aware of how industries like ours are full of greenwashing statements which is why we prefer to have conversations with clients to ensure they are able to make informed choices about what they buy.

Carbon Footprint

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