5 benefits of tension fabric systems

TFS frames can transform your space

Tension fabric systems (TFS) are an ideal solution for any display area. Available as free-standing, wall-mounted or a hanging displays, these multifunctional frames can be displayed just about anywhere, whether it’s in retail environments, events, exhibitions, media walls and more. 

No doubt, you’re here as you’re already tempted by what TFS has to offer. But what is all the fuss really about, what makes it different to a normal graphic display? Let’s share with you the top 5 benefits you can enjoy using TFS.  


Once the frame is purchased, the opportunities are limitless as to how you can dress it. With every new event, rebrand or redesign you can simply buy another graphic to fit with minimal effort- and no special tools required! This also saves you the price of buying whole new signage, which is often the case with more temporary fixtures. 


The carbon footprint for TFS graphics is extremely low compared with other traditional display materials: They use less raw material, weigh less and pack down better for easy, low-cost transport, they are 100% PET so totally PVC and Phthalate free and recyclable.


The transportation and storage of TFS graphics could not be easier, they pack down into a bag offering significant savings on logistics and storage. Technical data sheets are available for each of our dye sub printed fabric type with details on how to care and store your graphics and how easily creasing will drop out under tension.

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TFS is becoming ever more popular in the display, exhibition, and retail markets all thanks to the versatile nature and increasing number of system available.

Offering fantastic value for money and vastly superior sustainable benefits than traditional build and burn systems. TFS systems are generally easy to transport and available with numerous options or features such as: freestanding, wall mount systems, modular and self-build display and exhibition systems and lightbox displays to create stunning backlit displays.

TFS graphics themselves are seamless up to 3M by any length and available in 3 core fabric types: Frontlit for wall displays, blockout (blackback) for freestanding display and backlit for lightboxes.

We generally recommended dye sub printed graphics for exhibition and display applications, they are foldable, and the range of fabrics are inherently stretchier than products available for UV printing and therefore fitment is far more consistent. However, we recognise that there are times when UV printed TFS graphics are preferred which is why we offer clients both options.

Value for money

£ Pound for £ Pound TFS systems and graphics can save you some serious money. Not only are the graphic production costs on a par to many traditional display materials, once you factor in logistics and storage saving, disposal costs and time saved installing you will soon see how it delivers exceptional value for money.

Add the versatility and reusability of the TFS frame systems and the interchangeable nature of the graphics, plus factor in that you do not need a specialist to install the graphics, anyone willing to invest in TFS systems will quickly realise a positive return on investment.


We don’t blame you! The popularity of TFS frames continues to grow, but we make them specifically to your design requirements. Visit our Tension Fabric for more information and FAQs or get in touch on 01280 707 180 or email sales@xg-group.co.uk. 

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