4 benefits of tension fabric systems

TFS frames can transform your space

Tension fabric systems (TFS) an ideal solution for any display area. Available as a free-standing, wall-mounted or a hanging display, these multifunctional frames can be displayed just about anywhere, whether it’s in retail environments, events, exhibitions, media walls and more. 

No doubt, you’re here as you’re already tempted by what TFS has to offer. But what is all the fuss really about, what makes it different to a normal graphic display? Let’s share with you the top 4 benefits you can enjoy using TFS.  

1) Interchangeability

Once the frame is purchased, the opportunities are limitless as to how you can dress it. With every new event, rebrand or redesign you can simply buy another graphic to attach with minimal effort- and no special tools required! This also saves you the price of buying whole new signage, which is often the case with more temporary fixtures. 

2) Eco-friendly

TFS is a sustainable solution for your branding. Not only are these available in a recycled yarn, it’s reusability also saves on waste. Comparable to other signage options, TFS saves on space, is easily rebranded and needs less room for to transport. 

Our TFS fabric graphics are also created using dye sublimation printing, a medium that uses water-based inks. This option means no chemicals are evaporated into the atmosphere, instead only producing mild water vapour.  

3) Event ready!

TFS frames have taken the exhibition industry by storm, as they can really benefit from its compact, simple design. The frames can be unassembled and stored, with the fabric itself able to be folded, making the system easy to transportAssembling your TFS is very easy and many options don’t need specialists tools. Not only will this save your event managers time, but also removes the cost often spent in having to pay for large exhibition features to be set up by third parties. View our TFS backdrops here. 

4) Contemporary style

Whether you’re making a statement at an event or want some tasteful decoration in the office, TFS frames are a great option. The frames themselves are very minimal, with only millimetres being visible, showing off the seamless finish to large graphic visuals.  

Dye sub printing also produces some of the most vibrant colours in printing, so whether you want to display text or have a photograph printed, it is displayed with incredible clarity. A recent update to our TFS systems is in our Lightboxes, an eye-catching evolution of our usual TFS frames. Backlit with LED lighting, these are very cost-effective to run and add a whole new dimension to your branding.  


We don’t blame you! The popularity of TFS frames continues to grow, but we make them specifically to your design requirements. View our TFS back drops, lightboxes, and frames online or get in touch on 01280 707 180 or email sales@xg-group.co.uk. 

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