Wall mounted tension fabric systems

Wall mounted tension fabric frame systems (TFS) are a cost effective, versatile, and a fast alternative to traditional wall decorations and an ideal solution for displaying wall art, advertising, corporate branding in all indoor public and corporate spaces including shops, offices, receptions.

Remarkably budget-friendly and environmentally conscious, our wall-mounted tension fabric systems offer an affordable solution without compromising sustainability. Both the frame and graphics are recyclable, contributing to an eco-friendly approach. Our fabric graphics are printed using dye-sublimation eco-printing technology. Additionally, you now have the option to select graphics made from recycled fabric, featuring 70% post-consumer waste.

TFS wall art benefits

Tension Fabric Wall Art presents numerous advantages, and here are just a few of them:

All wall mounted frames are produced to order. Please contact us with your requirements by calling 01280 707180 or emailing sales@xg-group.co.uk .

Interchangeable fabric graphics

Interchangeable fabric graphics, available in frontlit or blockout (ask us about recycled fabric options), feature a sewn TFS Keder edging for effortless insertion into the frame’s face channel. This creates tension for a seamless appearance and facilitates easy graphic replacement when required.

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Frame profiles

The wall mounted systems are available in slimline 17mm deep or ultra slimline 12mm profiles. The anodised aluminium frames are made to any size and are simply put together with corner brackets (allen key supplied). The frame is either pre-drilled for wall fixing or supplied with wall mounts.

If you need help on deciding which profile is best, please contact us by calling 01280 707180 or emailing sales@xg-group.co.uk .

F12 Ultra Slimline

wall mounted tension fabric system

F17 Simline

wall mounted tension fabric system

Simple installation process

The installation of tension fabric wall art is designed for simplicity, offering a user-friendly experience. Effortlessly mount the frame onto the wall, while the fabric easily stretches over it, resulting in a taut and visually appealing surface.

Installing tension fabric wall art is a straightforward process – just adhere to these simple steps:

PDF product sheet download for tension fabric wall art

Frequently Asked Questions

Tension fabric silicone edge wall art is a display system where a printed fabric graphic, featuring a silicone edge, is stretched and secured within an aluminium frame to create a sleek and frameless appearance.

Installing tension fabric wall art is a straightforward process that involves mounting the frame onto the wall and then simply insert the silicon edge of the graphic into the frame's channel, ensuring a simple and user-friendly experience.

Yes, the silicone edge graphic design allows for easy graphic changes, providing a versatile solution for adapting to different messages, promotions, or design preferences.

Yes, tension fabric wall art systems are versatile and can be installed on various wall surfaces, including drywall, concrete, or wood.

Yes, you can improve the acoustic properties of tension fabric wall art by incorporating acoustic sound-absorbing felt. This additional layer helps minimise echoes and ambient noise, read more here.

Yes, the reusable nature of tension fabric silicone edge wall art, along with the option to use eco-friendly materials, makes it a sustainable and environmentally conscious display solution.

We provide customised quotes after receiving more details about your requirements. Please share more information for us to supply an estimate.

Please contact us with your requirements by calling 01280 707180 or emailing sales@xg-group.co.uk .

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