Printed Wall Coverings

Custom printed wall graphics, digital wall coverings & wallpaper for commercial, retail or display environments

Explore our comprehensive wall graphics and covering services encompassing personalised printed one-piece wallpaper and self-adhesive wall vinyl’s with durable and removable choices. Our wall graphics breathe vitality into your commercial setting, offering a simple and professional means to showcase your brand or message. Transforming your space with a bespoke wall is now an integral aspect of commercial, retail, and corporate environments. Discuss your options with our team to elevate your brand presence seamlessly.

One-Piece Wall Coverings

Elevate the sophistication of your interior décor with the exquisite touch of polycanvas wall coverings. polycanvas is a tear-resistant material ensuring longevity, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Our polycanvas wall coverings provide a seamless and refined look that effortlessly transforms any room.

All wall coverings are printed to order. Please contact us with your requirements by calling 01280 707180 or emailing .

Self-Adhesive Wall Vinyl

Self-adhesive wall vinyl comes equipped with an adhesive backing, eliminating the need for traditional glues or pastes during installation. This material provides a quick and cost-effective way to update and personalise interiors.

Self-Adhesive Wall Vinyl is printed to order. Please contact us with your requirements by calling 01280 707180 or emailing .

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Frequently Asked Questions

One-piece wallcovering is a hard waring seamless canvas that is installed using traditional wallpaper pasting methods. In contrast, high tack self-adhesive wall vinyl is a flexible material with an adhesive backing, allowing for more versatile application in strips up to 1300mm wide.

Yes, both options are suitable for commercial and retail settings. The choice may depend on specific design preferences, ease of installation, and the desired visual impact.

Options of low tack Self-adhesive wall vinyl are available and is more suitable for temporary applications or seasonal changes as it can be easily removed and replaced.

One-piece wallcovering is often recommended for smooth and even surfaces, while self-adhesive wall vinyl is more forgiving and can adhere to various surfaces, including lightly textured walls.

The One-piece Wall covering is a non-PVC material and currently the more eco-friendly choice.

One-piece wallcovering provides a seamless appearance since it comes in continuous rolls, whereas self-adhesive wall vinyl will have visible seams depending on the installation.

The lifespan depends on factors like wall condition, wall preparation, sunlight exposure. High-quality graphics, with proper care, can maintain vibrancy for several years without significant fading.

Yes, we can arrange site surveys and professional installation services. Alternatively, we provide products for self-installation or for your own team to install.

Costs vary based on project specifics. We provide customised quotes after receiving more details about your requirements. Please share more information for us to supply an estimate.

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