LED Lightbox Displays

Tension fabric LED lightbox displays with printed interchangeable graphics

Tension fabric LED lightbox displays represent a cutting-edge fusion of visual brilliance and versatile design. These displays feature a frame system that stretches a fabric graphic tightly, creating a smooth and seamless surface that serves as a vibrant display for showcasing branding, promotions, or artistic content.

The tension fabric ensures a wrinkle-free presentation, while the LED lighting enhances the visuals with a bright and evenly distributed glow. With their customisable graphics, ease of installation, and visually striking impact, tension fabric LED lightbox displays offer an innovative and effective solution for businesses and brands looking to make a memorable impression.

Tension fabric light box display systems are perfect for window displays, retail, architectural, exhibition displays and stands, showroom and reception areas or any public space.

Freestanding LED Lightbox Displays

Freestanding LED lightbox displays combine sleek design with vibrant illumination, offering a captivating and stand-alone solution for showcasing graphics or promotional content in diverse settings such as retail environments, exhibitions, or events.

All lightboxes are custom made to order. Please contact us with your requirements by calling 01280 707180 or emailing sales@xg-group.co.uk .

Wall Mounted LED Lightbox Displays

Wall-mounted LED lightbox displays seamlessly integrate captivating illumination with a space-saving design, providing an elegant and attention-grabbing solution for showcasing graphics or advertisements on walls in various environments such as retail stores, offices, or trade show booths.

All lightboxes are custom made to order. Please contact us with your requirements by calling 01280 707180 or emailing sales@xg-group.co.uk .

Tension Fabric LED Lightboxes

Aluminium Extrusion & LED Lights

100mm deep Aluminium Profile: A 100mm deep aluminium extrusion is ideal for LED lightboxes due to its robust construction, providing ample space to house and conceal the LED lighting system while ensuring structural integrity, even illumination, and a sleek profile for a visually appealing and durable display solution.

Edge Lit LED Technology: Edge-lit LED technology is ideal for LED lightboxes, as it enables a slim design, even illumination, and a modern aesthetic by directing light from the edges of the display, creating a visually captivating and uniform glow that enhances the impact of the fabric graphics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A tension fabric LED lightbox innovative display system that combines features of a tension fabric display with integrated light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The lightbox consists of a frame, a printed graphic and an internal LED lighting system. The frame is designed to hold the graphic in place while evenly distributing the light to create a visually appealing and well-lit display.

Our lightbox extrusion boasts a sleek profile of 100mm, combining a slim design with robust construction to provide a visually appealing and durable solution.

Aluminium edge-lit LED tension fabric lightboxes promote environmental sustainability through their energy-efficient LED technology, while the recyclability of aluminium further reduces environmental impact, making them a eco-friendly choice for vibrant and illuminated displays.

TFS stands for Tension Fabric System, also known as SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics).

Tension Fabric Systems are an ideal solution for retail, commercial, architectural, exhibition and display environments. Systems can be tailored to your requirements using re-configurable frame components and are easy to install, dismantle and transport often requiring no or few tools for assembly.

The graphics are a printed fabric finished with a silicon edge, sewn neatly around the edges fit in to a recessed groove within the frame that then stretches the graphic across the display. The result gives you a smooth and high-quality finish that brings your graphic to life.

XG provides a versatile selection for  tension fabric lightboxes, offering the choice between a luminous Backlit fabric that enhances the vibrancy of displayed graphics and a Blockout fabric for impeccable light control,

Backlit Fabric: Using a Backlit fabric for a tension fabric lightbox is beneficial because it allows light to pass through. The translucent nature of the backlit fabric evenly diffuses the light emitted by the integrated LEDs resulting in a visually captivating and vibrant display.

Blockout Fabric: Using a Blockout fabric for the back of a tension fabric lightbox prevents light leakage from the rear of the display. This opaque material ensures that the illuminated graphics on the front side of the lightbox remain crisp, vibrant, and free from interference.

Our production lead times typically range from 10 to 14 days, and variations may occur based on the size of the order and stock availability

Yes, All our lightboxes are custom-made to order, allowing us to tailor the size and features to match your requirements.

Our lightboxes are available up to 2.5 meters in height and accommodate nearly any width, providing a versatile and customisable solution to suit a diverse range of display needs.

Basic requirements are that you supply artwork in PDF format with production bleed that matches the size of the TFS strip (Typically 14mm).

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We can provide artwork services, taking detailed briefs and supplied imagery to create print ready artwork at a cost of £45 per hour.

No, all lightboxes are custom made to order. Please contact us with your requirements by calling 01280 707180 or emailing sales@xg-group.co.uk and we can provide you with a quote.

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