Immerse your space in the perfect blend of style and sound with our exquisite collection of Acoustic Wall Art.

Acoustic wall art transforms regular walls into sound-absorbing surfaces, improving both the aesthetics and functionality of a space. This innovative approach is reshaping interior design by offering options like interchangeable TFS wall art frames or seamless stretch fabric wall systems. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal of a space, but it also addresses acoustic challenges in a cost-effective and versatile manner.

Acoustic Wall Art

Acoustic sound-absorbing felt, when integrated with the XG wall art systems, offers a versatile and functional solution for enhancing both the aesthetic and acoustic qualities of interior spaces. Manufactured from premium-quality, environmentally friendly materials, this 10mm thick felt effectively mitigates sound reflections, reducing ambient noise and creating a more serene environment.

Its sound-absorbing properties contribute to improved acoustics in spaces such as retail, offices, studios, conference rooms, libraries, restaurants, hotels and more.

Acoustic Wall Art

Acoustic benefits

Acoustic sound-absorbing felt provides a range of advantages, encompassing both aesthetic and functional dimensions. Here are a few examples:

Acoustic Information

The ability of a material to absorb sound is quantified by its sound absorption coefficient (α), which ranges from 0 (reflects all sound) to 1.00 (absorbs all sound). Sound absorption classes range from A to E with materials based on their absorption capabilities with Class A having the highest sound absorption.

The classification process involves assessing the Noise Reduction Coefficient and Sound Absorption Rate, both calculated over specified frequency ranges. In the case of the XG Acoustic Felt, tested within a typical frequency range of 500-2000 Hz, it falls into Class C. To provide a comparative context, professional studio proofing foam wedges are rated as Class B whereas commercial-grade plasterboard holds a Class D rating.

Acoustic Wall Art Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

acoustic wall art is designed to capture and reduce sound waves, thereby efficiently diminishing echoes and ambient noise in a room. The efficacy of this sound-dampening process is directly impacted by the thickness and density of the felt.

Acoustic Wall Art is well-suited for a variety of spaces, including offices, meeting rooms, educational institutions, and residential areas where moderate sound control is desired.

The benefits include improved acoustics, reduced noise levels, enhanced visual aesthetics, and the creation of a more comfortable and focused atmosphere.

Yes, Acoustic Wall Art is designed for straightforward installation. However, it is recommended to seek professional assistance for optimal results.

The NRC and SAR are standardized metrics used to measure a material's ability to absorb sound.

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