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Heras fence banner branding (also known as mesh banners, event fencing or scrim branding) has a multitude of applications. It can be used to connect different event areas and add cohesion to a branding programme, hide areas from view, for instance at construction sites, and is also used regularly with pedestrian and crowd control barriers, helping to promote a brand or sponsor information at events.

Available in a choice of materials and finishes to suit different applications. We can supply heras fence banners in PVC Mesh and Airmesh fabric, both are B1 fire rated. Our perimeter branding solutions also included crowd control barriers.

Why we recommend XG heras fence banners...

  • Simple yet effective advertising
  • Lightweight and durable/weatherproof
  • Ideal for fixing with standard or heavy-duty tie wraps (cable ties)
  • Long term & short-term promotional solutions
  • Fire-rated outdoor banners
  • Fast UK delivery and great value for money

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Heras fencing

Things to consider...


Heras Fence Banner Sizes | XG Group


PVC Mesh

Fabric Airmesh

Continuous Runs

Heras fence roll | Xg Group


Top Corner Cuts

Hem & Eyelet Finishing 

Crowd barrier banner finishing close up image | XG Group

Continuous Eyelet Webbing

Crowd barrier banner unfinished close up | XG Group



PVC Mesh: Individual panels

Individual Panels 1 10 20 30 50
Finished £119.79 £90.65 £77.70 £58.28 £55.04

PVC Mesh: Individual panels (Top Corner Cuts)

Individual Panels 1 10 20 30 50
Finished £123.03 £93.89 £80.94 £61.51 £58.28

Fabric Airmesh: Individual panels

Individual Panels 1 10 20 30 50
Unfinished £51.80 £45.33 £38.85 £35.61 £35.61
Finished £77.70 £55.04 £48.56 £44.35 £44.35

Fabric Airmesh: Continuous lengths

Continuous Lengths 10-24 Linear 25-49 Linear 50-99 Linear 100+ Linear
Unfinished £14.80 £12.95 £11.10 £10.18
Finished £22.20 £15.73 £13.88 £12.67


Accessories Price
Cable Ties £12.76
Side Cutting Pliers £3.95
Heras banners cable ties close up | XG Group

*Alternative lengths of cable ties are available

Heras mesh banners side cutting pliers | XG Group

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